The Halal Catering Company -Asian DishesMain Course (non vegetarian)

Lamb dishes

  • Karahi Lamb - in hot & spicy sauce with tomatoes & onion, prepared in an Indian wok
  • Balti Lamb - lamb cooked with a mixture of ground spices
  • Ra Ra Lamb - bhuna lamb cooked in a mild yoghurt sauce
  • Lamb Korma - mild and creamy korma or spicy authentic korma style
  • Lamb Jalfrezi - cooked with coriander & onions in a spicy masalla sauce
  • Lamb Chops Masalla - marinated lamb chops cooked in ground masalla
  • Achari Gosht - lamb cooked with lightly pickled ingredients
  • Palak Gosht - spinach & lamb cooked together on a mild curry sauce
  • Aloo Goshy - lamb with sauteed potato in hot spices
  • Kofta Curry - meatballs in mild sauce
  • Karahi Kofta Kebabs - mini kebabs cooked in spices, prepared in an Indian wok
  • Kofta Palak - lamb meatballs cooked with fresh spinach
  • Keema Curry - minced lamb cooked in herbs & spices

Chicken Dishes

  • Karahi Chicken - in hot & spicy sauce with tomatoes & onion
  • Balti Chicken - chicken cooked with a mixture of ground spices
  • Chicken Korma - mild and creamy korma or spicy authentic korma style
  • Chicken Jalfrezi - tender succulent pieces of chicken cooked with coriander
  • Chicken Tikka Masalla - boneless chicken cooked in a mild & creamy sauce
  • Butter Chicken - chicken cooked in a butter sauce
  • Tawa Chicken Keema - minced chicken cooked with fresh hebs & spices
  • Chicken Achari - tender cooked chicken with lightly pickled ingredients
  • Methi Chicken - chicken cooked with fresh methi in a medium curry sauce
  • Malai Jeera Chicken - chicken cooked in yoghurt & seasoned with cumin seeds

Seafood Dishes

  • Machi Masalla - fish curry cooked in a variety of spices
  • Prawn Curry - prawns of your preference cooked in a curry sauce

Vegetarian Main Meals

  • Mixed Vegetables - assorted fresh garden vegetables cooked in medium spices
  • Mixed Vegetable Kofta - minced vegetable balls served in a curry sauce
  • Mixed Vegetable Jalfrezi - cooked with coriander in a masalla sauce
  • Palak Paneer - Indian cheese cubes cooked in fresh spinach
  • Mattar Paneer - home made cheese cubes cooked in onions & tomatoes
  • Paneer Jalfrezi - cheese cubes with fresh coriander, baby corn in masalla sauce
  • Chili Paneer - Indian cheese with fresh green chillies in hot & spicy curry sauce
  • Sweetcorn Masalla - corn sauteed with spicy masalla sauce
  • Baingan Masalla - fresh aubergine cooked with onions and spices
  • Aloo Baingan - aubergines and potato curry
  • Baingan Bhartha - mashed aubergines in spicy masalla
  • Saag Aloo - fresh spinach with potatoes
  • Aloo Ghobi - potato with cauliflower cooked with hebs and spices
  • Bombay Aloo - sauteed potato in hot spices
  • Mushroom Masalla - button mushrooms stir fried in fresh herbs and spices
  • Channa Masalla - chickpeas cooked with fresh ginger, herbs & spices
  • Tinday Masalla - marrow vegetables cooked in a masalla sauce
  • Rajmah - red kidney bean curry
  • Tarka Daal - lentils cooked with herbs and spices flavoured with garlic
  • Daal Makhani - black lentils in rich, creamy butter sauce
  • Channa Daal - split chickpeas in lentil curry
  • Mirchi Ka Sallan - special Hyderabadi dish, cooked with fresh chillies in spicy sauce


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