Five tips when planning your bathroom renovation

Five tips when planning your bathroom renovation

One of the most used and vital spaces in a home is the bathroom. It’s more prone to wearing out fast than the rest of the home spaces. Therefore there’s always a need for renovating it once in a while. A bathroom renovation is not an easy task. It needs good planning and enough capital to carry out the renovation.

Here are some of the tips that may ease the burden that comes with bathroom renovation planning.

1. Planning

Like any other project, the first thing to attaining a successful bathroom renovation process is setting down a well-thought plan. You need to know who will do the labor. Will it be you or a professional? You need to approximate if you have enough cash to carry out the renovation process.

2. Do thorough checkup of the bathroom under renovation

The aim of this is to note what your bathroom has that needs a change. It also helps to note what your bathroom didn’t initially have that you want to be added during the renovation.

3. Design the layout of your bathroom

After choosing what to add up to change up your bathroom, put down a layout of how the bathroom should look after the renovation process. As you are designing your bathroom, you need to be creative to come up with a better-renovated bathroom without having to undergo much cost.

4. Plumbing

One of the most important things to do when renovating your bathroom is to check the plumbing. That ensures everything runs smoothly as the pipes won’t get clogged by residue.

5. Creating a budget

Without a substantial budget, costs can go up. That’s why there’s a need for creating one. This is done by researching on the best cost-effective firm that sells the items needed for renovation. It also helps to gauge the labor costs. Note that cutting cost on the material will end up being expensive in the long run.


Final thoughts

Renovating a bathroom can enhance your home’s value and curb appeal. Bathrooms are among the most commonly used areas in a home, and failure to maintain them will cost you in the long run. To renovate your bathroom properly, you need for essential tips, such as planning, plumbing, creating a budget, and designing a layout. It is advisable to use a Professional if you not familiar with the renovation process.

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Timber Fencing vs PVC Fencing

Why is PVC so popular amongst customers these days?

Wondering how this fencing types became so popular? In this post we will run through some of the benefits of vinyl fencing.

Low Maintenance

Give it a spray down with a hose every few weeks or so and it will look as good as new. You can basically set and forget this easy going fencing option.

Vinyl fencing are UV resistant and will keep their colour which is beneficial when living in a sunny climate. They are also resistant to warping, rotting eroding….

At Bearsden Landscaping Decking and Fencing, we use only the most premium vinyl fences which means depend on the supplier the warranty can give you anywhere up to 50 years of lifespan.

Cost Effective 

Is PVC/ vinyl fencing cost effective? Absolutely.

You will save maintenance money when opting for this type of fencing, even though there is a larger outlay to begin with on the material itself.

PVC fences are easy to install. This means you can have a fast installation that saves on the cost of labour.

Stylish Solution 

Get all the charm and look of a wooden picket fence without any of the maintenance.

PVC vinyl fences come in a wide range of styles, colours, shapes, and sizes, including some that look like a timber picket fence. Choose a unique style and look that suits you.

Pest Free 

Not only are they resistant to rot and corrosion – PVC fences are also resistant to termites. No need to worry about nasty bugs!

Strong Material 

Did you know that vinyl is approximately 5 times stronger that wood? Wow. 

Your PVC vinyl fence will be built to withstand the type of weather only Australian homes are hit with. 

Our fencing specialists are experts in fitting and repairing fences so you can be confident when hiring us for the job!

Are PVC fences worth the investment?

We, you get the benefits of one of the most durable types of fencing, with no maintenance, fast instillation with either a classic timber or more modern composite look that has up to a 50-year warranty, so yes, we think PVC vinyl fences are well worth it!

The best way to make sure you get the most out of your PVC vinyl fence is to work with professional contractors. 

We hope we have explained some of the benefits of PVC fencing against timber fencing!

At Bearsden Landscaping Fencing and Decking, we are experts in fence design and construction of fences around Glasgow. We take pride in providing beautiful fences for clients across the nation. 

If you’re looking for a fence builder in Bearsden, then we recommend these guys!

We look forward to chatting to you about your upcoming home reno project.

How to Elevate Your Car Washing Business

It is nice to think that you have your own car washing business but you need to think a lot of things here like the services that you can give and to ensure them that you are going to give them the best and the excellent quality of service that they could not find with other car washing stores and places. Having a professional car detailing Glasgow doesn’t mean that you are not open to get a new thing to improve things and your life as sometimes you need to think deeper and try to do more strategic plans in order for you to work things out and to be able to get the best idea when it comes to developing your business and this could be the start that you will say to yourself that you are successful and ready to start the new journey of your life.  

Of course, there will be a lot of people waiting there for their turn and sometimes they have to stay inside their car for a long time while waiting for them to be the next person to have that service. You need to think of something that you can make their time more useful while you are earning money as well but of course, this is not your main point as you just wanted them to make more things while waiting for their cars to be cleaned and washed. It is up to you to decide and maybe it is a nice thing that you will have a survey first so that you will know if you are going to have it or not or what kind of things you can consider and try to get to know more of them as well if this one will work out or not. 

Some men would want to have a relaxing time while waiting for everything to be finished and this is a good way for you to get to know more like asking them if they wanted to have a massage as you could invest more for the chairs that can automatically massage their backs. Some drivers need to drive their cars or trucks for a longer time than the normal hours so it could be very tiring for them and it is nice that they could have a channel where they could relax and be more comfortable before they get back to driving.  

Don’t forget about the foods that you can serve to them, some may offer free coffee and cookies but you know that there are some people who don’t drink coffee and they prefer to have some juice as it makes them feeling great and comfortable the whole time. It is a bit funny to think that others would have a good idea like having a coffee shop where they can sit down there and use Wi-Fi to entertain themselves and have some great snacks like pizza or pasta. You can think more by asking your friends and relatives about this kind of idea.  

Knowing Which Fence Company Will Suit Your Budget

It is really annoying that you will have some problems with your fence and you need to do your very best to ensure that you are going to be the best person to think about it and you need to fix this one as soon as possible in order for you to lessen your expenses when it comes to the plan that you are going to replace this one with a new one. You know that fencing company Geelong could be an ideal answer here but you need to keep in mind that you will be having a hard time to trust the materials and the fence company if they are going to give you the hundred percent assurance that everything will be perfectly fine and you don’t have to worry about the other stuff after they have given their service to you and to your place.  

You need to keep in your mind the importance of making sure that the fence is in a good condition and this is not only applicable to you but to all the people who have a property or a business company that you need to protect or to know the boundary and the limits. It is a good idea that you need to choose a person or a company that can help you with all these matters and they know what they are doing as you don’t want to put things in a very difficult situation. There are many things that you can consider here and some of them are coming from you and some would be from your contractors as they have the best knowledge when it comes to the materials and the right one to choose for your location as they need to assess the weather condition and the different factors that may arise there.  

One of the rules that you need to keep within your hand is the budget that you can use and ready to spend only as you don’t want to waste your money for something that is not truly worthy and make sure that you are going to do things that will help you to materialize the problem and the things here. You need to think critically outside the box especially if you know that you need to spend more for the entire place or area and there is also a big possibility that the materials may change their price from time to time.  

If you need to think more with the guidance of your contractor, then that would be very fine and they can help you when it comes to knowing the perfect kind of fence that will suit your place. Don’t settle for something that you know is not going to be stable in the future and there will be lots of maintenance to do as it will give you so much problem from the day that you have installed it to the time that you need to repair it. You can search something very helpful on the internet.  

Scary Parts of Doing the Roofing on Your Own

It is not new for many men to do the house work which caters the repairing of the house or fixing the plumbing system or pipes that have some damages and leaks that can ruin the quality of the house and it makes a lot of mess around the property. Others believe that it is very nice to their feelings that they are doing the job on their own and they don’t need to worry about hiring someone which can be a bit expensive if you are going to calculate it and you have to think as well some excess as you don’t know what might happen so you need some extra cash or money in case you need to buy more materials or to pay them more because of the additional work and services that you have asked from them.  

Of course, when we hear about the roofing services Helensburgh, we always think about the expenses and they might be very expensive to hire but these things are true and most of the people would not hire someone or a company that is very cheap as it would mean that they are going to have the cheapest kind of result as well from their service. You need to know that some companies are not giving low rates to their employees as it is due to the degree that they have and the expertise that they have learned and practicing for a very long that makes them more competitive and they know so much about this kind of field and we could not blame them because many rich people would trust them and try to invest something more to this kind of companies.  

If you are planning to do things on your own especially for the roof project, then you need to think deeply of something which can make things even worst instead of making it even better. Others would not take a risk as they don’t want to spend more money for the purchasing of the materials as there is something wrong.  

Aside from that, we also have the accidents which is very common to happen to those people who don’t care much as they believe that they can do it very well but the truth here is that one simple mistake can lead to a lot of problems and this is not going to be a happy one. You need to know that once you are injured then you need to stay in the hospital and pay more because of this careless action when fixing the roof up there.  

Of course, let’s say that you didn’t have any kinds of accidents or injuries there but the assurance that you can give a hundred percent nice result is not secured here and it is going to be a big test as well when the unpleasant season and weathers come. You don’t know as well the possible warranties that they materials have and most of the professional people knew this one so they are very careful when it comes to this kind of point.