The Halal Catering Company -Asian DishesStarters (non vegetarian)

  • Seekh Kebabs - spicy minced lamb prepared in a traditional tandoor
  • Shami Kebabs - minced Lamb Cutlets with Spices, fried in egg batter
  • Reshmi Kebabs - minced chicken with spices, prepared in a tandoor
  • Chicken Tikka - marinated in spicy yoghurt cooked in a tandoor oven
  • Tandoori Chicken - tender chicken marinated in fresh ground spices
  • Chicken Wings - marinated in special sauce, prepared in a tandoor
  • Jeera Chicken - made with roasted cumin seeds & black ground pepper
  • Chicken Pakora - tender chicken pieces deep fried in batter with spices
  • Fried Masalla Fish - marinated in Spices and fried in batter
  • Tandoori Lamb Chops - marinated & freshly prepared in a tandoor
  • Mixed Grill - pieces of chicken & lamb served on skewers with peppers
  • Meat or Chicken Samosa - stuffed Filo pastry parcels

Starters (vegetarian)

  • Vegetable Samosa - filo pastry stuffed with mixed vegetables
  • Paneer Samosa - filo Pastry parcels filled with spicy Indian style cheese
  • Mixed Vegetable Cutlets - lightly fried spicy vegetable cakes
  • Aloo Tikki - lightly spiced potato cakes
  • Spring Rolls - filo pastry rolls with spiced Chinese style vegetables
  • Mixed vegetable Balls - spicy balls deep fried in crispy batter
  • Daal Bhajia - spicy lentil deep fried in Indian style batter
  • Onion Bhajia - onions deep fried in spicy batter
  • Mixed Pakoras - potatoes, onions, spinach mixed and deep fried in spicy batter
  • Aloo Papri Chat - aloo channa, yoghurt & tamarind sauce with chaat masalla
  • Bhel Puri - as aloo papri chaat but served with special sauces
  • Paneer Tikka - Indian cheese cubed, marinated and cooked in tandoor
  • Paneer Pakoras - Indian cheese with herbs & spices, deep fried in batter
  • Katchori - pastry based dish with a mixture of various masallas
  • Mogo Chips - deep fried Mogo (Cassava) served crispy with seasoning

Main meals

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