About us

Based in London we offer exceptional catering services across the region as far as the M25.

We are a family company and have all worked in food catering for many years, however we recently noticed a real gap in the market for a dedicated halal service.

It actually happened at a business meeting, when our host produced a boardroom platter of some great looking sandwiches. Unfortunately we could only enjoy the tuna sandwiches as all the others included non-halal meats. Even then we were a little concerned that the tuna was likely to have been prepared using the same kitchen equipment.

Our hosts were a little embarrassed but it got us thinking. Anyone can eat halal meat but as Muslims can’t eat anything else, wouldn't it make sense for businesses who deal with a diverse range of people to make their regular supplier halal-only? Or for event catering to be all halal to ensure everyone could enjoy everything on offer?

So we met with butchers and suppliers, looked at where they sourced their meats and the way that they prepared them to ensure the highest quality standards and observance of halal traditions. We then built a enormous range of dishes and menus around that suitable for any occasion or taste.

Next we focused on searching out the very best employees; silver service waiting staff, talented chefs and above all friendly, helpful and customer service oriented people who always put our customers first and provided the sort of catering service we would expect at our own special events.

With a promise to be able to put together a perfect menu for any occasion we haven’t looked back and today enjoy providing food for people, companies and special occasions across the capital; we hope we can provide your next event catering too.

For further details of our services click onto the catering and food pages of this website. Of course we also welcome enquiries at any time, experienced members of the team are always on hand to answer questions; contact us at The Halal Catering Company today to learn more about what we offer and start putting together the spread for your event.

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